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Antoine Daina

Senior Research Scientist

Antoine Daina studied Pharmacy at the University of Lausanne and got a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Geneva in 2006. His thesis aimed at integrating Molecular Interaction Fields in various computer-aided drug design strategies. Then, he spends 3 years as computational chemist at Syngenta Crop Protection, in the Chemistry Research Department, being involved in numerous projects and recognized as the co-inventor of four patented bioactive molecular scaffolds. After 3 years at the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Geneva as Senior Scientist, he joined the Molecular Modeling Group at SIB in March 2012. Antoine main academic focuses include ligand/structure-based design and 2D/3D physicochemical predictions for drug-like molecules. Besides, he is consultant for pharmaceutical companies and lecturer at the University of Geneva. He teaches “drug metabolism” for Bachelor students and “bioisosterism in drug design” for Master students in Pharmacy.


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